Team Tact Web App Policies

Privacy Policy

Information Collected:

The Team Tact Web App does not collect any personal information from you. Its main function is to assist in team creation based on your inputs within the Google Workspace environment. Any data processed by the web app remains within your Google account and is never transmitted or stored externally.

Information Requested:

For optimal functionality, the Team Tact Web App requires certain permissions regarding your Google Workspace applications. These permissions are only used while the web app is in operation, and the accessed data remains within your Google account. Permissions include:

Team Tact Web App's handling and transferring of data from Google APIs adheres to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Terms of Service

The Team Tact Web App is provided free of charge and aims to simplify and automate team creation based on user preferences within Google Workspace.

Users can utilize the web app as presented, but are prohibited from modifying its functionality, or copying or distributing the web app.

While significant effort has been made to ensure the web app's reliability and security, users are responsible for its correct and secure usage. The developer disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects arising from this web app's use.

For reporting bugs, issues, or suggestions for enhancement, please use the Contact Form. Continuous improvements to the web app will be based on user feedback.

Using the Team Tact Web App indicates your agreement with these Terms of Service.